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The training division of King’s College Panama is part of King’s Group, a British company with over 40 years of experience in the education industry, with divisions in Spain and Panama. Based just outside of Panama City, it has been designed to serve the needs of the international business community. Due to its excellent geographical location the division can also easily serve other countries within Central America.

The Panamanian division specialises in bespoke training courses, with a particular focus on soft skills in the fields of communication, team building, management techniques, leadership, sales, customer service, presentations, time management and human resource management. We also offer language consultancy and, through King’s International, we can offer a number of residential courses abroad through our training centres in the UK and Spain, as well as with a number of partners throughout the world.




Our People – Our Strength


Samantha WhaySamantha has been involved in the training industry since 1990. She is now the Training Director for King’s College in Panama, where she is in charge of developing the bespoke training and consultancy business. Samantha is a Coach and Licensed Trainer from the Coaching Academy in the UK and is the lead on an extensive 5 year training plan with MEDUCA, the Ministry of Education in Panama, designed to raise the overall competence and professionalism of English Teaching Staff throughout the country

Previously, Samantha was based in Spain for over 20 years and, for the last 4 years, ran her own Training and Coaching business which offered consultancy in areas such as Communication, Management and Leadership, Team Development and Coaching, to both national and international companies. Clients included the International Air Transport Association, international banks, Metro de Madrid and a number of large utility companies. Samantha also worked for Harkness Kennett, a UK consultancy firm, as part of a large communications project in Paris, France.

Over the years, Samantha has also been involved in training and communication programmes in the Middle East, as well as with companies in Spain such as RENFE and a number of Regional Education Authorities. Prior to this she worked for seven years as a Training Manager in Spain and was responsible for all aspects of national and international training matters for over 4000 sales employees. She managed a team of 16 Internal Trainers and was responsible for sharing best practices and all international training and business events in the organisation.

Contact details:
Samantha Whay-Jenkins

Tel: (507) 2823300

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For more information about the programmes offered by the King’s College Panama Training Division, please contact Samantha Whay-Jenkins.
Tel: (507) 2823300