Almost everyone can remember their first day at school. It is a key moment in our lives. The first few years of a child’s education form the foundations of all future learning. At King’s College we take a child centered approach to education. All of our teachers are professionally certified and registered with the Department for Education in London.


Nursery & Reception (Ages 3 to 5)

We believe that young children learn best when they enjoy what they are doing and are challenged. Learning to listen and to articulate starts from the very first day at school. It is impressive to see how quickly young minds can capture, adapt and start communicating with new people in a new environment. Well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, is key to a successful Early Years environment. Our classrooms are well equipped, with many colourful displays of children’s work. The whole school is designed to be a rich and stimulating so that children feel happy to come to school and start learning from the very beginning.


The Early Years department focuses on three central areas: Communication, Language and Literacy. We ensure that the children are given a range of different activities and projects that are designed to provide excellent opportunities for continual social and academic development.


Play to Learn

Through a mixture of play, group activity and free exploration, young children learn about the world around them. As children grow physically and mentally they start to make important connections between different objects, people and various kinds of social interaction. We take play very seriously. We work hard to structure play in a way that encourages and nurtures the development of perception, reason and logical thinking at the same time as being great fun. Learning from first hand experience ensures all our pupils make progress towards the next levels of social, linguistic and creative development. What will your child be doing?

Usually the children will start the school day with a class assembly or group conversation where plans are made and news is exchanged. Once the discussion has finished each child will know what he or she will be doing for the morning. Most activities are done in small groups, focused on a particular theme, with the help of the teacher or classroom assistant. Individual attention is used to help pupils reach particular objectives. During the day there are regular breaks and opportunities to play outside with a range of equipment and toys in the Early Years playground. Lunch is followed by a nap, which gives young minds and bodies a chance to recuperate before launching into an afternoon full of interesting activities, new experiences and projects.


Year 1 (ages 5-6) and Year 2 (ages 6-7)

Our aim is for children to enjoy their time at school and to develop knowledge, understanding and values in order to reach their full potential in all academic and social areas of school life.

The work of each year group is guided by the appropriate level of the English National Curriculum, Key Stage 1, which is by nature broad and balanced. Subject areas include English Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Design and Technology, Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education, Health Education, Religious Education and Information Technology.

In Language and Literacy we aim to provide a rich and stimulating environment in which children find interest and pleasure in communicating in English. They are offered many experiences to develop their interest in reading with fluency, accuracy, understanding and enjoyment. The development of handwriting skills forms an important part of Language and Literacy.

In Mathemathics and Science we aim to develop a knowledge and understanding of the role of these subjects in everyday life. Children are encouraged to relate their Mathematics and Science work to other areas of the curriculum and the skills and attitudes acquired are important components of cross-curricular topic work.

Spanish Language is taught from Year 1 as stipulated by the Spanish Ministry of Education.