2014 Academic Results

When we speak to parents what they most want to talk to us about is our results. We are very proud of our record in seeing our pupils go on to higher education both in the UK, Spain and around the world. But we believe it is more than just numbers. It is about how well the individuals do and how confident they feel in their life after school.
Good examination results and a place at university for your child are just part of what we strive to deliver. Parents send their children to King’s College because they want their children to be exposed to new ideas, to have their minds stimulated, their intellectual curiosity fostered and their creativity nurtured.

We live in a world where the pace of technological, social and professional change is faster and more challenging than ever before. Confident, articulate and out-going young people will leave King’s College Panama in a few years to go to university. We know that these children will be well equipped to take full advantage of the many opportunities and challenges that will come their way.

The practical outcome of working hard, playing hard and having fun is that King’s College encourages teachers and pupils to give their very best. The excellent, and constantly improving results from all our schools are an important measure of our progress and the progress of our pupils. These exams are used by universities and colleges around the world to select which students they will invite to study at degree level. Of course a series of examinations cannot measure the full strength or depth of the intellectual and social development of our pupils, but they offer a good guide and we are very happy to talk about our academic record.

In Madrid last year, King’s College Schools were proud to boast a pass rate for A levels was 99.3% and most of those pupils received an A or B. While nearly 98% passed AS Levels, again nearly 70% of those received an A or B. In the IGCSEs, 95% passed with three quarters achieving an A or B. GCSEs and A-Levels may seem a long way off for your children at King’s College Panama, but we know how to lay the foundations early for your children to share the same success in their teenage years.