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Terms and Conditions for the Application for a place in King’s College Panama

1(a) An application for a place in the School may be made by completing and returning this form.
(b) A place will not be reserved, however, until all the entry requirements are fulfilled.
(c) Normally, a personal interview with the parents or guardians and the child and an entrance examination and/ or
psychologist’s evaluation are necessary. The School reserves the right to refuse admission after the interview and examination/evaluation.
Please note that there is no automatic right of entry to the school for younger brothers and sisters and parents are recommended to apply
for school places as soon as they are born.
2.To confirm reservation of a place, parents must pay a non-returnable admission fee per pupil as indicated on the fee sheet. No reimbursement will be made of this amount in case of cancellation of a place at any time. Please see the fee sheet for more details.
3.Official documentation concerning the child’s education, prior to his/her entry to King’s College, is the parents/guardians responsibility.
4.When the child enters the School the following documents must be received:
(a) A photocopy of either the birth certificate, the “Libro de familia”, identity card or passport.
(b) An official medical certificate indicating the child has no infectious or contagious diseases.
(c) One passport size photograph.
(d) Certificates from previous schools attended, if any. Students from Year 2 and up coming from a different country must obtain a certified
stamp from the Ministry of Education in Panama to certify each academic year the student has completed (MEDUCA).
(e) For children who wish to follow the Panamanian Leaver’s Certificate, the School needs a certificate from the Panamanian Ministry of Education confirming validation of previous studies.
(f) Parents’/Guardians’ bank details.
5. Pupils must complete the full academic cycle at the school site where they are initially accepted. No transfers will be allowed between sites
before completion of the cycle.
6(a) Fees and charges must be paid termly in advance during the first ten days of September, January and April. Please see the relevant fee
sheet for more details.
(b) All fees and charges etc. will be paid by direct debit.
(c) No refund of fees can be made for absence due to illness or any other causes.
(d) A full academic term’s notice is required if a child is to leave the School, or to change status from boarder to day pupil. In lieu of this notice, one term’s fees are payable.
(e) Notification of re-enrolment for the next academic year must be made before the 31st March. The final decision about re-enrolment rests
with the School. .
(f) An additional charge is made for external examinations. There is an additional charge for re-enrolment in the 3rd Term fee, which will be
deducted from the First Term fee the following school year
7. Parents agree to inform the School immediately of any change of address or telephone number.
8(a) Parents agree to support the internal regulations of the School concerning general discipline, safe-guarding policy, uniform and homework set for children.
(b) The School uniform must be worn to School and official functions organised by the School in accordance with the School’s Uniform Policy
(see: Breach of this condition may result in temporary or permanent or exclusion
from the school. All items of clothing must be marked with the child’s full name.
(c) The school shop sells the uniform requirements for pupils of all ages. If pupils repeatedly wear inappropriate items the School reserves the
right to oblige them to purchase the correct uniform from the shop at parental expense.
(d) If a child is absent from School, parents agree to inform the School by telephone of the reason as soon as possible. On returning to School
children must bring a note from their parents explaining the reason for their absence.
(e) The School reserves the right to exclude temporarily or permanently pupils whose behaviour merits this in the view of the Headteacher.
(f) Students may not smoke. They may not consume alcohol on school premises nor at official school functions unless specifically given permission to do so. Bringing into the school or possession of any type of drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited and renders a student liable to
permanent exclusion.
9. All pupils from the age of 6 years and above must provide their own writing material (pens, pencils, rulers, etc.). These items are not included in the cost of school materials. The School does provide text and exercise books and other materials. (See 14)
10. Parents are liable for any deliberate damage caused by their child to School property or to that belonging to teachers, employees, or other pupils.
King’s College, The British School of Panama
Edificio 518
Calle al Hospital,
Republic of Panama
Phone: +507 282 3300
11.The School cannot be held responsible for the supervision of pupils left on the School premises more than 15 minutes before or after normal school hours, unless they are attending an official extra-curricular activity or additional class or are enrolled for specially supervised
12. Optional classes may be contracted in writing on a termly or yearly basis, as indicated in separate regulations. They may never be contracted on a monthly basis. No refunds are possible for non-attendance.
13. Normally the English textbooks used remain the property of the School and are on loan to pupils. Pupils may retain them at the end of the
year only if given permission to do so.
14 (a) The School has insurance which covers accidents which occur to pupils while on any School activity. In case of accident, children will be
taken to a clinic for first aid. The insurance policy does not cover loss of personal property and any claim must be made as soon as practicable.
(b) An optional insurance policy is available to guarantee pupils can continue their studies in the case of death or absolute permanent incapacity of the parents/legal guardian. Full details are available from the school office in Panamá.
15. Lunch is provided by the School.
16. The use of the School bus service is optional and journey times are subject to varying weather conditions, traffic etc. Whilst King’s College
attempts to maximise convenience to parents, the school cannot guarantee to meet all demands for routes and bus stops.
17.(a) As a school to parent agreement, we inform you that the personal data collected will be incorporated into a data base belonging to
King’s College to process admission to the School and for subsequent administrative purposes in the event of acceptance, as well as for commercial and operational ends exclusively for KING’S COLLEGE. Acceptance implies you explicitly consent to the said treatment being carried
out for the purposes established. In addition, we inform you that you can exercise your right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as established in the current legislation, in the offices of King’s College, Edificio 518, Avenida Hopsital, Clayton, Panamá
(b) The personal data will be processed by the provider in order to carry out the following purposes:
(i) Referral of commercial advertisements
(ii) To carry out statistical surveys (including third party questionnaires)
(iii) To send newsletters and notices from the webpage
King’s College Panamá S.A. Domicilio Social: Clayton Avenida al Hospital, Edificio 518, Panamá, República de Panamá. Registro Único de Contribuyente Tomo, Folio, Rollo 2083608-1-753760 DV (Digito verificador) 28. RUC: 2083680-1-753760 Email:

18. King’s College Panamá S.A., with address at Domicilio Social Clayton, Edificio 518 Calle al Hospital Panamá, Republica de Panamá. Republica de Panamá Telephone: +507 282 3300 E-mail:, is responsible for processing the personal data of the interested party and informs you that these data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on the protection of personal data, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parlament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights.

The purpose of such processing is to be able to manage and process the admission of the student legitimated by this admission application contract and for subsequent administrative purposes, as well as to carry out statistical surveys. If previously authorised by you, King’s College may use your data for commercial or operational purposes (such as sending e-mails/newsletters) relating exclusively to the companies of King’s College Group. Your personal data may also be communicated to other companies within the King’s College Group who may use your data for the same purposes mentioned here. The following link includes information about King’s College schools both in the EU and outside the EU to which your data may be transferred:

You have the right to access, rectify and delete the data, as well as consult about your data rights, by writing to You also have the right to revoke the consent you are now giving at any time.

King’s College Panamá S.A. has adopted all necessary technical and organisational means in order to guarantee the security and integrity of personal data that is concerned, as well as to avoid the loss, alteration and/or access of unauthorised third parties.

In compliance with the Organic Law 1/1982, the parents or guardian of pupils enrolled at the school give their full consent for King’s College Panamá S.A. to use free of charge, worldwide and for the maximum term allowed by law the image of the pupils taken in photographs and video recordings while taking part in school activities, extra-curricular activities or optional classes for internal use.

I give my consent to King’s College Panamá S.A. . to reproduce the image and / or identifying data of my / our child such as photographic material and other graphic materials such as advertising material, among others, on the website of the school.

The School will inform parents of any promotional use in which they intend to use the pupils’ image. The consent granted hereby may be withdrawn by the pupil or in the case of minors, by their parent or guardian, by writing to the School at any time


King’s College Panamá S.A. Address: Domicilio Social Clayton, Edificio 518 Calle al Hospital Panamá, Republica de Panamá. Republica de Panamá Registro Único de Contribuyente 2083608-1-753760 DV 28. Contact email: