We are open for learning:

Open For Learning for YOU – Book a Virtual Visit

Our tailored online visits allow prospective families to join a personalised meeting with our Head of Admissions, take a virtual tour to learn more about our school, our facilities and our curriculum, as well as offer us the chance to learn more about your child and how we could meet their individual needs, to ensure that they thrive.

Open For Learning for Our Students

  • Live-streamed teacher-led lessons throughout the day, personal online admissions appointments and easy enrolment– let’s keep learning!
  • Our teachers lead live-streamed lessons throughout the day so our students can attend all their lessons online
  • We’ve invested in world-class technology so offer the full learning experience of school, with every lesson delivered live online by our teachers, ensuring students’ learning and aspirations are uninterrupted.

Our students follow their normal school day, with lessons delivered by their teachers streamed live online. Our teachers support and stretch students with their work as they would do in school, and students continue to learn with their classmates around them.

Nothing matters more to us than delivering excellence in education. We are open for learning!

“My girl has adapted to the new way of learning much more quickly than I thought she would. It was very difficult the first two weeks but now she is much more proactive with her work and with the system implemented after the holiday, we manage to complete the tasks in the usual school day (from 9:00 to 16:00) with playtimes, lunch and snack times included. For a person with no teaching experience like me it is an accomplishment too!”

Parent at King’s College Panama



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