We are Open For Learning

King’s College has been delivering a quality British education for more than 50 years.

Part of this quality British education is ensuring that our students are prepared for the unforeseeable, for the challenges of tomorrow and for life.

It is this preparedness, through the British Way of learning, that defines our approach to teaching and learning at King’s College.

It is this agility that has ensured that we have been able to deliver a continuity of learning, despite the current COVID19 crisis.

It is this forward-thinking that has ensured that all our students have been able to continue to benefit from a quality British virtual education.

It is this readiness that has ensured that all King’s College schools have remained Open For Learning.

Your Child’s Learning Does Not Need to Stop

Our virtual classrooms have proven to be extremely successful with both students and their families. Our online academic offer ensure a dynamic and comprehensive approach to learning that comprises of:

  • Live online lessons to ensure our students’ academic success
  • The online lessons mirror their usual school day. Classes run from Monday through Friday, with the same hours and structure 
  • Students follow a daily timetable, whilst engaging in a mix of different sessions including group discussions and daily exercise 
  • A virtual curriculum offering clear expectations and ongoing dialogue
  • Provides direct, ongoing interaction with teachers and classmates to ensure high engagement, a sense of community and a structure to the new-style school day
  • Allows students to access virtual classes from the comfort of their own home
  • Continued adaptation and assessment to ensure that we continue to deliver excellence in education, no matter the environment

Join us! Personalised Virtual Meetings for our new families to get to know our school

Open For Learning for Our Students

At King’s College our students are our top priority. Our seamlessly implemented ‘live’ online lessons, allow us to continue to deliver a full curriculum to all students and ensure that no student misses out on a moment of learning.

Our personalised teaching approach ensures that no matter the distance, every student is treated as an individual and there is ongoing support both pastorally and academically.

Our virtual curriculum has been designed to facilitate both the continuation of the presential academic curriculum, encompassing both traditional classroom topics, as well as building in outdoor activity for the regular Physical Educational aspects, to ensure our students wellbeing in line with their continued academic progress.

The online programme includes virtual classes, tutorial videos, individual and group dynamic work, and is provided in the usual school timetable; Monday through Friday, in all educational stages.

Our online learning offer ensures frequent and direct communication between parents, teachers and our students, to ensure a truly all-encompassing and fluid experience.

King’s College schools already have exceptional use of technology, so our virtual learning is an extension to this and our students access the online learning through the same digital platforms to which they are already accustomed for certain educational activities, allowing them a smooth adaptation to the new dynamics of online study.

"My girl has adapted to the new way of learning much more quickly than I thought she would.
It was very difficult the first two weeks but now she is much more proactive with her work and with the system
implemented after the holiday, we manage to complete the tasks in the usual school day (from 9:00 to 16:00)
with playtimes, lunch and snack times included.
For a person with no teaching experience like me it is an accomplishment too!"
King's College Panama

Our students in action​

”My child has been enjoying a greater learning Independence”
King's College Panama

Open For Learning for YOU – Book a Virtual Visit

At King’s College we are proud of our school and our school community, and we would love the opportunity to share it with you.

Our school remains Open For Learning and our tailored online visits allow prospective families to join a personalised meeting with our Head of Admissions, take a virtual tour to learn more about our school, our facilities and our curriculum, as well as offer us the chance to learn more about your child and how we could meet their individual needs, to ensure that they thrive.

Personalised Virtual Meetings for our new families to get to know us and our school

Alternatively, please feel free to send us an email kcp.admissions@kingscollegeschools.org 

By moving to online schooling, we are empowering our students to continue their learning, supported by their teachers and alongside their friends, no matter how long this situation lasts. We are adamant to ensure that no child misses out on a great education. We are truly Open For Learning.

Open For Learning for our teaching community

As a member of Inspired Education Group, King’s College has been able to draw upon the wealth of knowledge this premium global education group has to offer. With a network of 64 schools across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America educating over 45,000 students, we have been able to form part of this virtual learning network since the school closures began, and switched to a virtual classroom setting with incredible speed and ease.

Inspired schools are now providing a ‘virtual school life’ to more than 25,000 students in 11 countries around the world, with over 100,000 hours of e-learning already completed. Our teachers form part of a professional network and are constantly adapting and sharing best practice from across our network, in order to understand how we can deliver what is best for our students and their families, and continue to deliver excellence in education.

Keep up to date with our school community through our online community: Visit us on Social

Our social community is full of examples of our new virtual approach to education, please check the amazing work that our teachers, students and support staff are doing every day to ensure continuity of the academic excellence that King’s College is renowned for.

Be part of the buzz by using our hashtag #OpenForLearning and share your thoughts on how we can continue to improve our educational offer.