As with all our schools, King’s College Panama offers a rich range of activities outside the classroom (depending on what form these take, additional fees may apply). For us, these form a part of developing a sense of independence, as well as opportunities to socialise and just have fun with friends. The options may vary over time, depending on staff availability and expertise, but this is an important part of school life and we will make sure that our activities are held to the same standard as all of our work with your children.

This year our aim is to offer the children a variety of experiences and clubs to address different needs and interests of our student body.  The majority of the clubs will now take place at the end of the day and will run from 3.30- 4.30pm.

A school bus service will be available after the clubs. This will be a limited service and will be different routes to the normal bus service and an additional cost will be charged for this service.


Art Club

Art Club is run by Ms. Marcela Cadavid. The children will have the opportunity to do both collective and individual work using a range of different techniques; paint, sketching, collage, clay, etc. For this club they will need a t-shirt or apron to protect their uniforms while doing art and crafts.




Miss Mary is running the a Dance Club for the older girls Year 4 – Year 9. Mary is a professional dance teacher and the children are learning a variety of skills and different styles, including Modern dance, street dance, flamenco and tipico.

Dance club is open to both boys and girls.





The new Panama dance Conservatory studio, located in Clayton Mall, has designed a special programme for our students (Reception to Year 3). A teacher will accompany the students on the bus to and from school. The Conservatory offers a special uniform for King’s College students; $45 for bike pants, camisole top & ballet slippers.



Senior Homework / Self-Study Club

Mr. Nixon is introducing the club for senior students (Year 7 – Year 9). The purpose of this club is to provide students with an opportunity to make a start or complete self study with the support of a bilingual staff member and access to school ICT and e-Learning facilities. Initially, the club will run once a week. However, depending on demand and feedback we may consider running 2 sessions a week.



This year there will be an opportunity for us to start a Panamanian Drumming Band. Initially we are starting with 10 children from Years 7 and 8. Over the year, this will grow and include children of Upper Key stage 2. This activity will be on a Friday afternoon during school time. The other children in this time will be receiving curriculum Music. Friday 3:45pm


We offer swimming at the Kiwani Club in Clayton. Children will be bussed to the swimming pool and then parents can collect directly from the pool, or from school. Classes will have limited places. We will be using both our own staff and Kiwani staff. This term we will be offering swimming only for children Reception to Year 4. Students must wear the appropriate clothing and kit for swimming. Clothing and accessories; (labelled with their names) swimming cap (girls & boys), pool shoes, towel. Swimming clothing (one piece bathing suit for girls: shorts and t-shirt for boys).




Rugby this term will be led by Alex Johanson-Brown, a UK rugby coach and a member of the London U21 Wasps rugby team. Training will be for both the younger and the older student and will provide an introduction to rugby in general. This is non-contact sport, but will involve tags.



This club has been a success and our teams accomplished several victories in different matches, meaning that this has been a positive experience for most of them. Due to the amount of members, we have divided up the groups in order to train more effectively. Both boys and girls can join this club, wearing the appropriate clothing. Football boots, sport shorts, long socks and shin guards must be worn in training and matches.


This year we are introducing beginners indoor tennis. This activity is run through a Tennis association and its aim is introduce tennis to the children and teach the hand ball coordination. It is a great activity and we are delighted to introduce this.

Tennis for Reception – Year 3  is on a Tuesday.

Tennis for Year 4 – Year 6 is on a Thursday.



Fencing was introduced last year to the school. The club is run by the Cerano Fencing Club. We are delighted that the coaches are international competitors. Last year we had an in-House tournament and this year we hope to compete with other clubs and schools. Children will be expected to have the correct equipment needed to do this activity. Children will need to purchase this within a month of joining this activity.

Fencing will be for children from Year 3 to Year 8 on a Wednesday.



Taekwondo has been one of the most popular activities in the school. Last year our children took part in an international competition. It is a great activity to develop skills in discipline and self-control.

Reception to Year 3 Monday, 3:45pm.

Year 4 to Year 8  Friday, 3:45pm.



Learning an additional language is always of great benefit to our children. This year we will have beginner’s Chinese and second level for the children who started Chinese last year.

Chinese for beginners is open for children in Year 1 to Year 8 on Thursdays.

For Continuing Chinese learners, the class will be on a Friday.



Chess club was established last year by one of our secondary students. This will be run on a lunchtime for children in Year 5, 6, 7 and 8.

For the younger children we have an instructor.



The materials necessary for all optional activities are available to purchase in the school shop.

Prices, course content and course availability may vary according to unforeseen circumstances.


Contact Information

For further information regarding any of our extra-curricular activities, please, do not hesitate to contact us: