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Outdoor Classroom

2A made the most of their rainforest surroundings and went to collect leaves to use for an Art lesson for their Rainforest topic. The best part was being able to use our new outdoor classroom to create some effective leaf rubbings in the sun!

Gross Motors Skills

Nursery is a preparation year for the rest of the children’s educational career. We prepare the children to read, write and become leading athletes. This starts at the most simplest level of throwing and catching skills. This week we were lucky to receive a tub filled full of colourful tennis balls which the children have enjoyed throwing back into the tub. During an activity as simple as this the children are learning to balance, eye- hand coordination, and ball retrieval skills. Sometimes the simplest of activities are the best for our children’s development.

Year 2 visit to Gamboa Rainforest Reserve

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to the Gamboa Rainforest Reserve. We met and learnt all about sloths, frogs, butterflies and orchids. We tried hard to ask interesting questions and remember useful details to help us write trip recounts the following week!

New Play Equipment

Our primary pupils have been enjoying our new play equipment that was ‘opened’ for playing recently. The see-saw has been a particular highlight.

The swings from our old play equipment are being reconditioned and brought back by popular demand! Pupils were most unhappy that these were missing.

The space where our old play equipment was located is now being prepared for our new building works. Over the next 2 months we will putting 4 more classrooms in place to be followed by another 4 classrooms at the start of next year. These new classrooms are needed due to expansion of pupil numbers at KCP and will provide us with some welcome extra classroom space.

Wellbeing Week

As part of Wellbeing Week this week, the children in 4B have been working on mindfulness and yoga. In P.E we did some yoga and meditation, thinking about self awareness and calming techniques. We really enjoyed this peaceful lesson and felt very calm and refreshed afterwards.


Across the secondary school the goals was to ensure students are aware of the importance of personal well-being, knowing that we at KCP have this at the root of all we do and that this is not a one-off, but a fundamental part of school life.


All students had a session of:

  • Art therapy

  • Yoga Role-play looking at the role of the bystander

  • Fitness session (led by John Jarrett)


The students were split into houses in vertical groups across years 7-12 to encourage wider collaboration.


In the following weeks there will be an assembly, outlining the importance of student wellbeing, what the students got out of the sessions, examples of the work that took place as well as how this will be underpinning all that runs through the school year. During the assembly we will also unveil the student Well-being Ambassadors and what their role will be at KCP.


Alongside this we will be creating the ‘Great Wall of Well-being’ where students and staff will be encouraged to give suggestions that will offer suggestions for us all to encourage us to look after ourselves better. Although this will be started during the Well-being week it will be a continual resource that will be updated and maintained by the wellbeing ambassadors.


Under 18s' Football

On Thursday 15th November it was the turn of the under 18s boys football team to show their stuff. All of the boys were extremely excited to play their part in opening the astro-turf and played some excellent football from start to finish.

The team played two games, against The Met and Balboa; both of whom had players who wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Premier League! The boys however did not let this dampen their spirits and they battled through each match to the best of their ability.

Their first game against The Met saw the team go down 3-2 with the final kick of the game, our goals coming from Alvaro Juste Santiago and Jose Alejandro Rios Mondelo.


The second game was a much more open game and ended with Balboa winning 4-2 despite King’s having more possession and the better openings. With one of our goals coming from captain Will Ahern.


In both games, the boys held their own against much stronger teams in terms of physicality and showed signs of real progression. With a bit of training and more games, this team could get some really positive results for the school.


Well done to all!

Team: William Ahern Rognoni, Felipe Westen, Miguel Rodriguez De La Huerga, Alvaro Juste Santiago, Silvio Guerra Duran, Pablo Rodriguez, Jose Alejandro Rios Mondelo, Oscar Rincon

Under 14's Football

King’s College held 3 football tournaments this week to officially unveil our brand new astro-turf. On Tuesday 13th November, the U14s boys’ played a tournament against The Met and CCA. The boys worked extremely hard together and played some astonishingly good football in tough circumstances. They managed to win their first game against The Met 3-0, with goals from Pablo Rodriguez and Jose Alejandro Rios Mondelo (2), before unluckily going down 2-0 to CCA.


There were encouraging signs for Mr Jarrett who is confident that this group of players will improve game by game. Well done all!

Team photo: Back row (L-R) Juan Diego Rendon, Jose Alejandro Rios Mondelo, Harold Lee Lay, Pablo Rodriguez. Front row (L-R) Gabriel Zorio, Victor Munoz, Arthur Barrozo Ferraine, James Ahern Rognoni

Girl's Football

This was the girls’ first fixture and they had not kicked a ball together before kick off. I said to them at the start that the fact they were on the pitch at all was a major accomplishment so to lose one game 1-0 and draw the other 2-2 (before losing on penalties) to a team of the size, age and experience of ISP was an incredible achievement- neither result flattered the girls.


Cristina, Natalia, Gabi, Esmé, Ana, Valeria, Yeisy and Maggie deserve a huge amount of praise.


Maggie and Yeisy, it should be pointed out, were Yr 8 girls playing against much older (and physically stronger girls).


They all absolutely embodied the King’s College spirit.

Seed Pictures

We have started a new topic in Nursery all about growing, the garden and what creepy crawlies we can find there. If you come into Nursery beware of the bugs! Our Artstart this week included seed pictures. The children had free reign over how to use the seeds and glue and in the second art start the children were given a wiggly line to follow. In this activity the children are practising their fine motor skills by trying to follow the line as well as improving their hand eye coordination skills.

Odd Socks

As part of ‘Wellbeing Week’, children and staff participated in ‘Odd Socks Day’ by  coming to school in a pair of mismatched socks. The aim of this day was to celebrate how everyone is unique and to embrace our differences. As a  school community, we had great fun expressing ourselves and showing our individuality by wearing different pairs of bright and colourful socks.  

Diwali in Nursery

In Nursery this week, we celebrated the Hindu New Year - ‘Diwali’. We had a wonderful week, learning about Ram & Sita , dressing up in Indian clothes, exploring the God table, and making delicious samosas, which we then enjoyed having for afternoon snack. They were yummy!

Diwali Celebrations

In Reception we have had a wonderful week celebrating Diwali as part of our new topic, “Festivals and Celebrations”.  We embraced Diwali by making Mandala art, recreating the story of Rama and Sita, making clay tealight candle holders, and of course, dressing up! Oh yes, we love dressing up!

Cambridge English Learners Awards Ceremony

Cambridge Certificate Giving ceremonies 8th November 2018.

Two ceremonies were held to celebrate the great achievements made by the students who took Cambridge language exams in June 2018.

Certificates were awarded by Nicola Lambros, Head teacher, in the presence of their families. We congratulated firstly our Young Learners in Years 3 to Year 7 and then our Seniors students from Years 8 through to Year 11.   The results from these exams were outstanding with top grades being awarded on all levels from our Starters in Years 2 and 3, right through to our B2 First Certificates in Years 9 to 11. Our special thanks to the newly formed King’s College Primary and Senior choirs for the debut performances, a wonderful addition to the ceremonies. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work on their learning journey in english with Cambridge Assessment English.



Ceremonia de entrega de premios Cambridge English Learners
Ceremonias de entrega de certificados de Cambridge llevada a cabo el 8 de noviembre de 2018.

Recientemente se llevaron a cabo dos ceremonias para celebrar los grandes logros alcanzados por los estudiantes que tomaron los exámenes de Cambridge en junio de 2018.
Los certificados fueron entregados por Nicola Lambros, Directora del colegio, en presencia de las familias de los estudiantes. Felicitamos primero a nuestros jóvenes estudiantes en los grados de Year 3 a Year 7 y luego a nuestros estudiantes de secundaria desde los grados de Year 8 a Year 11. Los resultados de estos exámenes fueron sobresalientes con la calificación más alta en todos los niveles de nuestros Iniciadores en los grados de Year 2 y 3, así como los Primeros Certificados B2 en los grados de Year 9 a 11. Nuestro especial agradecimiento a los recién formados coros de Primaria y Secundaria  de King's College por las presentaciones de debut, una adición maravillosa a las ceremonias. Felicitaciones a todos los estudiantes por su arduo trabajo en su viaje de aprendizaje del idioma inglés con Cambridge Assessment English.





Using open ended resources / Usando Recursos Abiertos



Using open ended resources

In the Early Years we like the children to use open ended resources so they decide what they want to do with them. A cow will always be a cow, it is what the children do with the cow that we as practitioners are interested with. Will they take the pine cones and pretend the cow is walking through a forest.Will they use the wooden blocks to build a pen for the cow? For us a pine cone is just a pine cone but for our children it might be an ice cream. We need to remember that they are young and these are some of the first times they are seeing, touching and feeling these items. As part of continuous provision this week the children found three different uses to natural materials. For example using the wooden blocks as ice cream and as a digger that rolls over various objects. This is also enriching the children’s vocabulary.


Usando recursos abiertos

En los primeros años de desarrollo, nos gusta que los niños utilicen recursos abiertos para que decidan qué quieren hacer con ellos. Una vaca siempre será una vaca, lo que hagan los niños con la vaca es lo que nos interesa a nosotros como maestros. ¿Tomarán los piñas y fingirán que la vaca está caminando por un bosque? ¿Usarán los bloques de madera para construir un corral para la vaca? Para nosotros, un cono de pino es solo un cono de pino, pero para los más pequeños podría ser un helado. Hay que recordar que son pequeños y estas son algunas de las primeras veces que ven, tocan y sienten estos artículos. Como parte de la provisión continua de esta semana, los niños encontraron tres usos diferentes a los materiales naturales. Por ejemplo, utilizando los bloques de madera como helado y como una excavadora que rueda sobre varios objetos. Esto también enriquece el vocabulario de los niños.








Alaska to Argentina Cyclists / Ciclistas de Argentina a Alaska

Alaska to Argentina Cyclists
KS2 had a few extra special guests on the day of Halloween. Rather than being frightening however, our wonderful guests, George from England and his cycling partner, Agata, from Sweden, stopped by KCP to inspire our students in the KS2 assembly. Already 18 months into their epic bike ride for charity from Alaska to Argentina, the intrepid cyclists wowed our students with tales of Grizzly bear encounters in Canada to tricky border crossings in Mexico. They explained how some of our Core Values: Dedication, Collaboration and Initiative have been essential during the course of their travels. A group of lucky students, plucked from the audience by George and Agata due to their wonderful Halloween costumes got an extra Q&A session post assembly, together with a chance to try out and touch their bicycles. A truly memorable and inspiring assembly for all those present.
Ciclistas- de Argentina a Alaska
KS2 tuvo algunos invitados especiales adicionales el día de Halloween. Sin embargo, en lugar de dar miedo, nuestros maravillosos invitados, George de Inglaterra y su compañera ciclista, Agata, de Suecia, se detuvieron en KCP para inspirar a nuestros estudiantes en la asamblea de KS2. Ya a los 18 meses de su viaje en bicicleta por caridad desde Alaska hasta Argentina, los intrépidos ciclistas sorprendieron a nuestros estudiantes con historias desde encuentros con osos Grizzly en Canadá a cruces fronterizos difíciles en México. Explicaron cómo algunos de nuestros valores fundamentales: dedicación, colaboración e iniciativa han sido esenciales durante el transcurso de sus viajes. Un grupo de estudiantes afortunados, elegidos de la audiencia por George y Agata debido a sus maravillosos disfraces de Halloween obtuvieron una sesión de preguntas y respuestas extra después de la asamblea, junto con la oportunidad de probar y tocar sus bicicletas. Un momento verdaderamente memorable e inspirador para todos los presentes.


Weekly News Quiz for Key Stage 4 and 5 Students / Prueba semanal sobre noticias para los estudiantes de Key Stage 4 y 5


Weekly News quiz for Key Stage 4 and 5 students

The competition is hotting up in Key Stage 4 and 5 this week…


Lion are in the lead, with the teachers team hot on their heels. It’s early days but surely the teachers won’t come out on top…



Prueba semanal sobre noticias para estudiantes de Key Stage 4 y 5

La competencia se está calentando en Key Stage 4 y 5 esta semana ...

Lion está a la cabeza, con el equipo de los maestros pisándole los talones. Es temprano, pero seguramente los maestros no quedarán en la cima...

Halloween at KCP / Halloween en KCP

Halloween at KCP
Every year Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year, as children of all ages across the school look forward to the opportunity to show their creativity. Children in secondary school got to decorate their classrooms with Halloween themed decorations and children in primary got to role play through their daily lessons by staying in character.
Halloween en KCP
Todos los años Halloween es una de las fiestas mas esperadas en el colegio, ya que niños de todas las edades utilizan esta oportunidad para demostrar su creatividad. Los chicos de secundaria se divirtieron decorando sus salones con tematica de Halloween y los niños mas pequeños jugaron todo el dia a ser los personajes de los cuales se encontraban disfrazados todo el día en clases.


Sir Roger Fry’s Visit to KCP / Visita de Sir Roger Fry a KCP


Sir Roger Fry’s Visit to KCP - October 2018


We welcomed our Chairman, Sir Roger Fry to King’s College, The British School of Panama in october. Sir Roger enjoyed visiting lessons and meeting with staff and students during his visit. His meetings with the Primary and Secondary student council and parents at the ‘Headteacher’s Breakfast with Parents’ were particular highlights as ideas and proposals for the further development of the school were raised and discussed. As you would expect, our pupils were extremely polite and eloquent at all times, presenting themselves superbly, they even persuaded Sir Roger that ice cream once a month is a good idea!


Visita de Sir Roger Fry a KCP- Octubre 2018


Le dimos la bienvenida, Sir Roger Fry, presidente del grupo a King´s College, The British School of Panama,  el pasado mes de octubre. Sir Roger disfrutó visitando salones de clases y reuniéndose con el personal y los estudiantes durante su visita. En sus  reuniones con el consejo estudiantil de primaria y secundaria y los padres en el "desayuno con los padres de la directora”  se destacaron diversos temas a medida que se plantearon y debatieron ideas y propuestas para el desarrollo futuro del colegio. Como es de esperar, nuestros estudiantes fueron extremadamente educados y elocuentes en todo momento, presentándose magníficamente, incluso convencieron a Sir Roger de que el helado una vez al mes es una buena idea.




GCSE Results / Resultados de GCSE

KCP’s First GCSE Results


The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)/ International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) are subject specific qualifications and exams taken at the end of Year 11.


Grades are benchmarked using eight internationally recognised grades, A* to G (CIE) & 9-1 (EDEXCEL) and results are issued in August of Year 11


We are so exceptionally proud of our pioneering group of Year 11 Students who achieved the first full set of IGCSE Exam results and set a very high bar for subsequent cohorts.


Grade A* = 23%

Grades A*-A = 34%

Grades A*-C = 89%


Huge congratulations for their hard work and dedication.



Resultados de los Primeros GCSE realizados en KCP


El Certificado General de Educación Secundaria (GCSE) / Certificado General Internacional de Educación Secundaria (IGCSE) está sujeto a calificaciones específicas y exámenes tomados al final de Year 11.


La notas se comparan con ocho notas reconocidas internacionalmente, A * a G (CIE) y 9-1 (EDEXCEL) y los resultados se publican en agosto para Year 11.


Estamos sumamente orgullosos de nuestro grupo pionero de estudiantes de Year 11 que realizaron el primer set completo de exámenes IGCSE y establecieron un nivel muy alto para los estudiantes que realizaran estos exámenes posteriormente.


Grado A * = 23%

Grados A * -A = 34%

Grados A * -C = 89%


Muchas felicitaciones por su arduo trabajo y dedicación.


Harvest Festival / Festival de la Vendimia

Harvest Festival 2018
We celebrated our Harvest Festival this year at King’s College by collecting dry food supplies and hygiene supplies such as nappies, toothpaste and toothbrushes and feminine hygiene products to donate to our local orphanage located in Los Rios. Donations were  collected between 22nd October 2018 and 31st October 2018. Thank you to all of our parents who donated to this very worthy cause. We thank you for your generosity.

Festival de la vendimia

Este año celebramos el festival de la vendimia en King’s College recolectando alimentos secos y enlatados, productos de higiene personal como pañales, pasta de diente, cepillos de diente y productos de higiene femenina para donar a un orfanato local ubicado en los Ríos.

Estas donaciones fueron recogidas entre el 22 y 31 de octubre del 2018. Agradecemos a todos los padres que donaron a esta noble causa, nuevamente muchas gracias por su generosidad.


Richard Hunter visits KCP / Richard Hunter visita KCP

Richard Hunter visits KCP
Our school vision is to be at the forefront of British Education internationally. We are currently a school embarking on a journey of self-improvement and along the way one of the most important elements to help us, is to receive feedback and act upon it in order to drive the school forward. We have been fortunate this week ( Oct 22 - 26th ) to welcome a valued School Improvement Partner, Mr.Richard Hunter, to work alongside Mr.Mallon in the Primary School. Richard has a wealth of experience in the field of education and has been working with us to examine closely all areas of the school with a particular key focus on teaching and learning. We are positive that his recommendations will help form some key development points going forward.
Richard Hunter visita KCP
Nuestra visión es estar al frente de la educación británica internacional.  Actualmente, somos una colegio que se embarca en un viaje de superación personal y, en el camino, uno de los elementos más importantes para ayudarnos es recibir retroalimentación y actuar sobre ella para impulsar al colegio. Hemos tenido la suerte esta semana (del 22 al 26 de octubre) de dar la bienvenida a un valioso socio para ayudarnos en las mejoras que estamos realizando, Mr. Richard Hunter, para trabajar junto a Mr. Mallon en la primaria. Richard tiene una gran experiencia en el campo de la educación y ha estado trabajando con nosotros para examinar de cerca todas las áreas del colegio con un enfoque clave particular en la enseñanza y el aprendizaje. Estamos seguros de que sus recomendaciones ayudarán a formar algunos puntos clave de desarrollo en el futuro.

Art Start / Empezando el día con Arte

Art start


Each morning in Nursery class we engage the children in a sensory art session. It may be linked to the book of the week or it may be just based on the children’s interests. These sessions allow the children to be creative and get them in touch with their inner art! With the emphasise often on Literacy and Maths we must not forget the Arts! The sessions are sensory and appeal to learners of this age. A chance to get really messy! This week we have been painting paper plates in preparation for our ‘Goodnight Moon’ week.


Arte al empezar el día


Cada mañana, en la clase de nursery, los estudiantes tienen un clase de arte sensorial. Esta puede estar vinculada al libro de la semana o simplemente basarse en los intereses de los estudiantes. ¡Estas clases les permiten a los estudiantes ser creativos y ponerlos en contacto con su artista interior! ¡El énfasis de estas clases a menudo son la matemáticas, alfabetización sin olvidarnos de las artes! Las clases son sensoriales y atraen la atención de los estudiantes de esta edad. ¡Una oportunidad para ensuciarse mucho! Esta semana hemos estado pintando platos de papel en preparación para nuestra semana "Goodnight Moon".



World Mental Health Day / Día Mundial de la Salud Mental


World Mental Health day


This month we celebrated World Mental Health Day at King’s College. Mrs Lambros our Headteacher gave an assembly to the children in each Key Stage and our Key Stage Leaders and teachers created and organised activities for the pupils in class; all these activities were designed to help  our pupils develop positive communication tools to effectively discuss mental health with others and a toolkit of strategies to draw on when they feel their mental wellbeing requires a boost. We hope that the children may have shared some of their strategies with parents and siblings.



Día Mundial de la Salud Mental


Este mes celebramos el día mundial de la salud mental en King's College. Mrs. Lambros nuestra directora realizó una asamblea para los estudiantes de cada Key Stage y los maestros organizaron actividades para sus clases. Todas estas actividades se diseñaron para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a desarrollar herramientas de comunicación positivas para hablar de manera  efectiva sobre la salud mental con otros así como para que pudieran adquirir un conjunto de  estrategias que puedan aprovechar cuando sientan que su bienestar mental requiere un impulso. Esperamos que los estudiantes hayan compartido algunas de sus estrategias con sus familias.


Auditions for the School Choir

Auditions for the King’s College School Choir were held this week. Although a choir from KCP has participated in events in the community before, this is the first time we have had a school choir auditions to form a choir that meets every week and practices regularly. As you can imagine we are all very excited about our new choir and we look forward to showing off our musical talents at the next school event.
Audiciones para el Coro del Colegio
Las audiciones para el coro de King's College School se llevaron a cabo esta semana. Aunque KCP ya tenía un coro que ha participado en eventos en la comunidad antes, esta es la primera vez que se realizan las audiciones formales para formar un coro que se reunirá y practicará regularmente. Como pueden imaginarse, todos estamos muy entusiasmados con nuestro nuevo coro y esperamos mostrar nuestros talentos musicales en el próximo evento escolar.

KS4 & 5 Interhouse ‘Pub’ Quiz


Every Friday tutor time is house competition day for all the older students and they are throwing themselves into this new initiative. Crown, Knight, Shield and Lion are relishing the weekly battle to gain supremacy and there is the added incentive of competing against the teacher’s team!


We’re only two weeks in so the leaderboard is very close - if you want to find out who’s on top, look to the left!




Todos los viernes, en la hora con los consejeros de clases es el día de la competencia entre casa para todos los estudiantes de secundaria y ellos se están aventurando en esta nueva iniciativa. ¡Crown, Knight, Shield y Lion disfrutan de la batalla semanal para ganar la supremacía y existe el incentivo adicional de competir contra el equipo de los profesores!


Estamos a solo dos semanas de que culmine, por lo que la tabla de clasificación está muy cerrada. Si quieres saber quién está en la cima, ¡mira a la izquierda!



World Peace Day and Bake Sale / Día Mundial de la Paz, y Venta de Dulces para Beneficencia



World Peace day and bake sale


Bake Sale Success


Dear King's College parents,  

As the year 11 global perspective group, we would like to send a massive thank you to all parents, students and staff for all the support and collaboration during the bake sale.


On Friday 28th September, we had our first “Bakesale” of the school year to celebrate World Peace Day. As a class, we wanted to have an event quickly as a way to start an active school year. We originally wanted to start with another event, but quickly shifted to a more simple idea that guaranteed us lots of engagement from the school community. After thorough deliberation, we talked to our headteacher who immediately supported our idea. The next three weeks went by in a split second; we had to organise letters to parents(in both English and Spanish), posters, and running of the day including the location and set up.Thankfully everything ran smoothly.


We surpassed our expectations by exceeding our target; we raised over a thousand dollars. All of these donations will go towards TECHO (a charity that builds houses for less fortunate people in Latin America). Again a huge thank you for all of your kind donations and contributions.

Global Perspectives Students, Year 11


Día mundial de la paz y venta benéfica de pasteles.


Éxito en la venta de pasteles


Estimados padres de King's College,


Estimados padres de familia,

El grupo de Global Perspective de Year 11, quiere transmitirles nuestro más sincero agradecimiento  a los estudiantes , maestros y  padres de familia de la comunidad escolar por toda la ayuda y contribuciones en el reciente Bake sale.


El viernes 28 de septiembre, tuvimos nuestro primer "Bakesale" del año escolar para celebrar el Día Mundial de la Paz. Como clase, queríamos organizar un evento como una manera de comenzar un año escolar activo. Originalmente queríamos realizar otro evento, pero rápidamente cambiamos a una idea más simple que nos garantizará mayor compromiso por parte de la comunidad escolar. Después de una deliberación exhaustiva, hablamos con nuestro c quien de inmediato apoyó nuestra idea. Las siguientes tres semanas pasaron en una fracción de segundo; tuvimos que redactar cartas dirigidas padres (tanto en inglés como en español), carteles y detalles de cómo se realizaría la venta, incluido la ubicación. Todo funcionó sin problemas.


Superamos nuestras expectativas al sobrepasar nuestro objetivo; Hemos recaudado más de mil dólares. Todas estas donaciones se destinarán a TECHO (una organización benéfica que construye casas para personas menos afortunadas en América Latina). Nuevamente, muchas gracias por todas sus donaciones y contribuciones.

Estudiantes de Perspectivas Globales, año 11


Megan Romano visits KCP

KCP extended a very warm welcome to American swimmer, six times world champion and USA 400m relay record holder Megan Romano to  King’s College Panama recently, as part of her Latin American tour.  
Our competition swimmers at the school were delighted to meet such a motivational athlete and get some swimming tips first hand from such a great athlete.  
Megan then gave a motivational talk to our Secondary students on the importance of determination and positivity for success. We organised an Q&A session and these Secondary students really put Megan through her paces with some very rigorous and demanding questions!  
When asked by one of our students what advice she would give them in order to be successful in life, Megan told our students that hard work and consistency to reach your goals can never be underestimated, in any situation.  Wise words…
Megan Romano - Nadadora Olimpica
KCP extended a very warm welcome to American swimmer, six times world champion and USA 400m relay record holder Megan Romano to  King’s College Panama recently, as part of her Latin American tour.  
Our competition swimmers at the school were delighted to meet such a motivational athlete and get some swimming tips first hand from such a great athlete.  
Megan then gave a motivational talk to our Secondary students on the importance of determination and positivity for success. We organised an Q&A session and these Secondary students really put Megan through her paces with some very rigorous and demanding questions!  
When asked by one of our students what advice she would give them in order to be successful in life, Megan told our students that hard work and consistency to reach your goals can never be underestimated, in any situation.  Wise words…
KCP dio su calurosa bienvenida al nadador estadounidense, Megan Romano, seis veces campeón del mundo y poseedora del récord de relevo de 400m de los EE. UU., como parte de su gira por América Latina.
Nuestros nadadores de competición del colegio estuvieron encantados de conocer a un atleta tan motivadora y poder obtener algunos consejos de natación de un atleta tan inspiracional.
Megan luego dio una charla motivadora a nuestros estudiantes de secundaria sobre la importancia de la determinación y la positividad para el éxito. Organizamos una sesión de preguntas y respuestas, ¡y nuestros estudiantes de secundaria realmente pusieron a Megan a prueba con unas preguntas muy rigurosas y exigentes!
Cuando uno de nuestros estudiantes le preguntó qué consejo les daría para tener éxito en la vida, Megan dijo a los estudiantes que el trabajo duro y la constancia para alcanzar las metas en la vida nunca se pueden subestimar, en ninguna situación. Gracias Megan, por tu visita y tus sabias palabras…

The Outdoor Classroom

Our pupils have been enjoying being inspired by nature as they work outside in our new outdoor classroom. The classroom was created from a ‘dream’ Mrs Lambros had and the skills of our talented maintenance team who have worked hard to create this very special part of the school for our pupils. We look forward to seeing more learning outside as our teachers and pupils enjoy learning under the shade of the trees whilst surrounded by nature. Research has shown that spending time outside surrounded by plants is relaxing and motivating whilst promoting a sense of wellbeing. We hope that by giving our pupils the opportunity to learn outside we will not only be supporting learning but also promoting good mental health.
Clases al aire libre
Nuestros estudiantes han estado disfrutando de la inspiración de la naturaleza mientras trabajan afuera en nuestro nuevo salón de clases al aire libre. El salón se creó a partir de un "sueño" que tenía la Mrs. Lambros y las habilidades de nuestro talentoso equipo de mantenimiento que ha trabajado arduamente para crear esta parte tan especial en el colegio para nuestros estudiantes. Esperamos ver más aprendizaje afuera mientras nuestros maestros y estudiantes disfrutan aprendiendo bajo la sombra de los árboles, rodeados por la naturaleza. Investigaciones han demostrado que pasar tiempo al aire libre rodeado de plantas es relajante y motivador, a la vez que promueve una sensación de bienestar. Esperamos que al darles a nuestros estudiantes la oportunidad de aprender fuera, no solo estemos apoyando el aprendizaje, sino también promoviendo la buena salud mental.

National Fitness Day 2018

Here at King's College, The British School Panama we celebrated The UK National Fitness day with a whole school Aerobics workout session during both Primary and Secondary break times. We encouraged all staff,  students and parents to participate and get active by taking part in mass work-outs to encourage fitness, health and well being whilst having lots of fun.
It was wonderful to see so many students, parents and staff involved and we were very impressed to see how athletic some of our teachers were, they showed off their aerobics skills with aplomb!
Día nacional del fitness
Aquí en King's College, The British School of Panama nos unimos para a las celebraciones del Reino Unido para el Día Nacional del Fitness con una sesión completa de ejercicios aeróbicos durante los recreos de primaria y secundaria. Animamos a todo el personal, a los estudiantes y a los padres a participar y mantenerse activos siendo parte de este entrenamientos masivo para fomentar el buen estado físico, la salud y el bienestar mientras nos divertíamos.
Fue maravilloso ver a tantos estudiantes, padres y personal involucrados, y nos impresionó mucho ver cuán atléticos eran algunos de nuestros maestros, ¡demostraron sus habilidades aeróbicas con aplomo!

Year 2 Book Launch

The Year 2 families came to check out our new library this week, and there were in for a treat! Year 2 children read from their very own books - a retelling of “Monkey Puzzle.” They were beaming with pride over their great memories, the fantastic use of English and their neat presentation.

Lanzamiento de libro en Year 2

Las familias de Year 2 vinieron a visitar nuestra nueva biblioteca esta semana, ¡y hubo una sorpresa! Los estudiantes de Year 2 leyeron de sus propios libros, un cuento de "Monkey Puzzle". Los padres estuvieron llenos de orgullo al escuchar los maravillosos recuerdos, el buen uso del inglés por parte de los estudiantes y al ver la elegante presentación.

AguaPanela Fashion Show

As part of our Marketing campaign this year KCP will be featured on AGUAPANELA magazine, a luxury brand magazine that reaches the best communities in the country. This year AGUAPANELA hosted their annual fashion show, and our students were invited to participate on the runway as their opening act, representing the multiculturalism that the school represents daily, as well being an example of the international background that characterises panama. Our students proudly displayed the flags from their home countries showcasing the majority of nationalities that make up our amazing school.
Como parte de nuestra campaña de marketing, este año KCP se encuentra colaborando con la revista AGUAPANELA, esta revista informa sobre las mejores marcas y tendencias actuales y llega  a las mejores comunidades del país.
Este año AGUAPANELA presentó su edición anual del Fashion Show, invitando a nuestros estudiantes a participar con el acto de apertura, en el cual nuestros estudiantes dieron muestra de la multiculturalidad que se vive a diario en el colegio, a la vez que personificaban el ambiente internacional que caracteriza al país. Nuestros estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de llevar orgullosamente la bandera de su país natal en la pasarela, representando la mayor parte de las nacionalidades que componen el colegio.

National Poetry Day

In order to celebrate National Poetry Day, students had been looking at the difference between reading poetry written down and performing it. In form times, we looked at different performance poets and their styles of performance. This included a range of poets from Michael Rosen in the lower Secondary to Kate Tempest in Key Stage 4 and 5. We then spent some time in English lessons preparing performances for a Poetry Slam last Thursday. The photo shows the students who performed - two of which prepared costumes and props too! It was a great success and some of the best performers were chosen to perform for the Primary School and our founder and chairman Sir Roger Fry.
Día Nacional de la Poesía
Para celebrar el día nacional de la poesía, los estudiantes habían estado estudiando la diferencia entre leer poesía y realizarla. En horas de clases, los estudiantes pudieron ver diferentes presentaciones de poetas así como sus estilos. Estas demostraciones incluyeron una variedad de poetas desde Michael Rosen para KS3 hasta Kate Tempest en Key Stage 4 y 5. Luego durante sus clases de inglés estuvieron preparando actuaciones para un “Poetry Slam”. En la foto se puede apreciar a los estudiantes que participaron de esta actividad, ¡dos de ellos también prepararon disfraces y accesorios! Fue un gran éxito y algunas de las mejores presentaciones fueron seleccionadas para actuar antes nuestros estudiantes de primaria y nuestro fundador Sir Roger Fry.

House Competitions


The first house competition of the year was for tutees to work collaboratively with each other, as well as showing independance and initiative to create their own puzzle piece design. We had some fantastic entries and offered points out for participation; as well as to winners across primary and secondary.

There will be many more house competitions throughout the year showcasing students’ talents and abilities in line with the KC core values.
Competencias de casas
La primera competencia de Houses del año fue para que los estudiantes trabajarán en colaboración entre ellos, además de mostrar independencia e iniciativa para crear su propio diseño de piezas de rompecabezas. Tuvimos algunas ideas fantásticas y ofrecimos puntos por participación; así como a los ganadores de primaria y secundaria.
A lo largo del año, habrá muchas más competencias que mostrarán los talentos y habilidades de los estudiantes  siguiendo los valores de King´s College.

Meduca Teacher Training (Convenio)

As the November graduation approaches, the final Teacher Training Sessions for MEDUCA are underway following the summer holidays.  Mr. Nixon & Ms. Zora ran a Saturday session reviewing classroom management, positive behaviour strategies and coaching students for success.
Throughout the day, teachers were encouraged to share their challenges and successes in the classroom, share best practice and apply some of the ideas through role play.  Teachers were encouraged to take on a new approach of “coaching” students rather than reproaching.  Competitions winners were able to bring some educational resources back to their respective schools.
Cursos a maestros de MEDUCA
A medida que se acerca la graduación en noviembre, las últimas sesiones de capacitación para los maestros de MEDUCA están en curso después de las vacaciones de verano.  Mr. Nixon y Miss Zora realizaron un taller el sábado en la que hablaron sobre la administración del salón de clases, las estrategias de comportamiento positivo y capacitaron a los estudiantes para el éxito.  
A lo largo del día, se alentó a los maestros a compartir sus desafíos y éxitos en los salones, compartir las mejores prácticas y aplicar algunas de las ideas a través del juego de roles. Se animó a los maestros a adoptar un nuevo enfoque de "entrenamiento" a los estudiantes en lugar de reprochar. Los ganadores de las competencias pudieron llevarse con ellos algunos recursos educativos a sus respectivas escuelas.



Reception Classes learning

This week in Reception we have started our new topic Celebrations and Festivals.  We have been learning about Chinese New Year and were so lucky that some visitors from the Chinese Embassy visited us to demonstrate Kung Fu in the hall.  We were also treated to a lesson on Calligraphy as we learnt how to write some Chinese letters.  We also drew pandas and learnt origami to make some wonderful Chinese lanterns. It was a really great day for learning.
Clases de recepcion
Esta semana en Recepción hemos empezado nuestro nuevo tema Celebraciones y Festivales. Hemos estado aprendiendo sobre el Año Nuevo Chino y tuvimos la suerte de que la Embajada de China nos visitará y realizará demostraciones de Kung Fu en el hall. También tuvimos una lección de caligrafía en la cual aprendimos a escribir algunas letras chinas. Nos divertimos dibujamos pandas y aprendimos origami para hacer unas maravillosas linternas chinas. Fue un gran día de aprendizaje.

Scouts visit the KS2 Assembly

 Early October saw a visit from Cubmaster, Ryan Kane, of Cub Scout Pack 1849 based at Balboa Academy. Cubmaster Kane came to present at the Key Stage 2 Assembly and as well as telling tales from the camps, which our students were fascinated with, he ensured an active and fun assembly through interactive songs and dances namely the “Bubblegum” and “Pizza” songs which were well received. Cubmaster Kane explained how themes such as: citizenship, friendship, conservation etc link in perfectly with the Core Values of King’s College which our students are beginning to apply on an increasingly frequent basis.
Visita de los scouts en la asamblea de KS2
A principios de octubre recibimos la visita del “Cubmaster”, Ryan Kane, del  “Cub Scout Pack 1849” con base en Balboa Academy. El Cubmaster Kane vino a realizar una presentación en la asamblea de Key Stage 2 y, además de contar historias sobre los campamentos, que fascinaron a nuestros estudiantes, se aseguró que la asamblea fuera activa y divertida a través de canciones y bailes interactivos, como las canciones del chicle y la pizza que fueron bien recibidas por nuestros estudiantes. El Cubmaster Kane hablo de temas como: ser un buen ciudadano, la amistad, la conservación, etc. que se relacionan perfectamente con los valores básicos de King´s College que nuestros estudiantes están comenzando a aplicar de manera cada vez más frecuente.

Banned Books Week 2018

Banned Books Week Celebrates freedom of expression and looks at censorship across the globe. Throughout our PHSE sessions in the final week of September, we explored these ideas and looked at examples of “banned books” which we have in the Library - such as Alice in Wonderland which was banned in China for giving animals equal power to humans. These were also displayed throughout the week outside the English class for students to browse. In class, we discussed why governments or companies may ban or censor certain texts and whether we felt this was right or wrong. This culminated in a dramatic assembly in which students were encouraged to consider what it would feel like to not be able to read some of their favorite books because they had been banned.
Semana de Libros Prohibidos
Celebrando la libertad de expresión y analizando la censura en todo el mundo, a lo largo de nuestras sesiones de PHSE en la última semana de septiembre, exploramos estas ideas y observamos ejemplos de "libros prohibidos" que tenemos en la Biblioteca, como Alicia en el País de las Maravillas, que fue prohibido en China por dar a los animales el mismo poder que a los humanos. Estos también fueron exhibidos durante la semana en los pasillos cerca del salón de inglés para que los estudiantes pudieran conocerlos. En clase, los estudiantes discutieron por qué los gobiernos o las empresas pueden prohibir o censurar ciertos textos y si consideraban que esto era correcto o no. Esto tema culminó con una dramática asamblea en la que se alentó a los estudiantes a considerar cómo se sentiría no poder leer algunos de sus libros favoritos porque habían sido prohibidos.

Preparing the beats in Nursery Class

The Nursery children have been preparing their own music lesson this week by drawing around their hands and feet. Later in the week they will tap out the beat using their hands and feet. How many can we count? They also want to display this work on the board for their friends and family to see, what a great idea Parrots!
Preparando ritmos en Nursery.
Los estudiantes de Nursery han estado preparando su propia clase de música esta semana dibujando alrededor de sus manos y pies. Más adelante en la semana tocarán el ritmo que han creado usando sus manos y pies. ¿Cuántos pueden contar? Ellos también quieren mostrar este trabajo en los murales para que lo vean sus amigos y familiares, ¡qué gran idea, Parrots!

Sixth Form - University and Higher Education visits

Our Sixth Form students are visited Florida State University.   Here is an account of the visit by Cristina from Year 12:
It was a very enriching trip in terms of getting to know the environment in university. My favorite part was the History class, I think it was a great opportunity to understand and experience how lectures work. The campus tour showed the benefits of attending a university with a campus, everything is more accessible and at a walking distance. I think the student common room is a great idea, a space to relax and complete individual work while getting to know other students. The visit gave me an insightful perspective on university life and helped me figure out what I want in a university. 
Visita a la FSU
Nuestros estudiantes de Bachillerato visitaron Florida State University. Cristina de Year 12 nos relata su experiencia:
La visita de hoy a Florida State University fue un viaje muy enriquecedor para conocer el entorno universitario. Mi parte favorita fue la clase de Historia, creo que fue una gran oportunidad para entender y experimentar cómo funcionan las conferencias. El recorrido por las instalaciones nos mostró los beneficios de asistir a una universidad con un campus, todo es más accesible y a una corta distancia a pie. Creo que la sala común de estudiantes es una gran idea, un espacio para relajarse y completar tareas o trabajos mientras se conocen otros estudiantes. La visita me dio una perspectiva perspicaz sobre la vida universitaria y me ayudó a descubrir lo que quiero en una universidad. 

The Circus comes to Year 1!

As part of our Circus topic in Year 1 we had the circus come to visit. First we watched a fantastic circus performance and then we were able to try some of our own circus tricks such as juggling and balancing! In English we described our visit from the circus and now we are using our ideas to create our own circus using junk modelling.
La Visita del Circo a Year 1
Como parte de su tema El Circo Year 1 recibió la visita de un verdadero circo. ¡Primero vieron una fantástica actuación de circo y luego algunos pudieron probar sus propios trucos de circo como hacer malabares y hacer balance! En inglés, describieron como fue la visita del circo y ahora los estudiantes están usando sus ideas para crear su propio circo utilizando el modelado de chatarra.

KCP Students meet an Astronaut

Ten KCP students recently attended an entertaining and inspirational talk by the former astronaut, Jon McBride at Balboa Academy. Selected as a candidate by NASA in January 1978, McBride became an astronaut in August 1979. He was a pilot of STS 41-G, which was launched from Kennedy Space Center on October 5, 1984 aboard the Orbiter Challenger (Space Shuttle). The mission duration was 197 hours and concluded with a landing at Kennedy Space Center on October 13, 1984.
A very interesting aspect of the talk was the way in which Jon McBride ensured that his career pathway (from High school, via University, postgraduate studies, Navy pilot training and then test pilot training) could eventually lead him to be selected as an astronaut. His journey to achieving his goal took many years, involved a number of setbacks and required an element of good luck also.
Conferencia con un astronauta
Diez estudiantes de KCP asistieron recientemente a una entretenida e inspiradora conferencia con el astronauta Jon McBride en el Balboa Academy. Seleccionado como candidato por la NASA en enero de 1978, McBride se convirtió en astronauta en agosto de 1979. Fue piloto del STS 41-G, que se lanzó desde el Centro Espacial Kennedy el 5 de octubre de 1984 a bordo del Orbiter Challenger (Transbordador espacial). La duración de la misión fue de 197 horas y concluyó con un aterrizaje en el Centro Espacial Kennedy el 13 de octubre de 1984.
Un aspecto muy interesante de la conferencia fue la forma en la que Jon McBride se aseguró de que su trayectoria (desde la secundaria, a través de la universidad, los estudios de posgrado, el entrenamiento de pilotos de la Marina y luego el entrenamiento de pilotos de prueba) pudieran llevarlo a ser seleccionado como astronauta. Su viaje para alcanzar su meta tomó muchos años, involucró varios contratiempos y también requirió un poco de buena suerte.