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KS2 King’s Got Talent Competition

The Key Stage 2 end of year talent show provided a dazzling array of singers, dancers, pianists and magicians. The audience was kept entertained by the creativity of the acts and enthralled by the quality of the performances. Following two earlier rounds and a semi-final, six acts from across the Key Stage battled in a tense final.
Representing Year 3 was the pianist, Luis Sebastian, rhythmic gymnasts, Aila and Astrid, and singer, Angeles. From Year 5, Camila and Maria sang and danced while Valeria and Victoria danced. Our only finalists from Year 6 were a troupe of energetic dancers who kept in time to a fast-paced track. The judges took a long time to make the very difficult decision as to who won the whole competition, but were unanimous in their final verdict claiming the beautiful voice of Angeles the overall winner.
We are very proud of every entrant into the competition. It takes courage and confidence to perform in front of your peers and every single one of them was a star. Well done everyone!  

The Great Exhibition

King’s College Panama Humanities department hosted our first ever “Great Exhibition” on Tuesday the 20th June. Students in Year 7,8 and 9 had all been working on projects for two weeks and were eager to present their hard work to students and parents. The students put a tremendous amount of work both in school, and at home into ensuring that this was a successful showcase of their capabilities.
The Year 7 students had researched and make projects based around famous inventions from the 19th Century. The research, hard work and dedication that the students put into these projects was impressive. Some students had made models to go with their presentation and they all had an activity with prizes for students and parents to try.
Year 8 students created their projects around biographies of famous people and some even dressed up as the people that they were researching. This created a lot of interest and the younger students that came to visit the exhibition enjoyed learning about famous people from History.
Year 9 were given the task of creating historical and geographical profiles of a country of their choice. They all picked interesting countries and created interesting fact files. Some students brought in food from their chosen countries and the Italian stall was very popular due to the pizza been given out!
I would like to say a huge well done and congratulations to all the students that took part in the exhibition. It can be quite daunting presenting to other students and parents and our Key Stage 3 students should be commended on how they behaved all day. I would also like to thank all the parents than attended in the afternoon. They listened attentively to all of the students presentations and also energetically took part in the activities. I know that the students appreciated them coming along to support this event.  
Padraig Hogan, Humanities Teacher

Romeo & Juliet - A Tragic Comedy!

King's College Drama Club showcased their first production this week. It was a reduced Romeo & Juliet and proved to be a hilarious, action packed show. The cast and backstage crew worked very hard over the past few weeks and are really enjoyed entertaining their peers and teachers on Thursday 22nd June 2017!  Following this success, we hope it will be the first of many performances.
Romeo y Julieta - una comedia trágica!
King's College Drama Club mostró su primera producción esta semana. Fue una obra de Romeo & Juliet reducida y era todo un espectáculo hilarante, lleno de acción. El elenco y el equipo de backstage trabajaron muy duro en las últimas semanas y deseaban entrener y soprender a sus compañeros y profesores! Fue todo un exito y esperamos que sea la primera de muchas actuaciones.

Year 10/9th Grade Meduca Graduation

King´s College Panama was proud to see our current Year 10/9th Grade students achieve the Panamanian ¨basic education¨certificate.  This certificate confirms the closing of a cycle and all students who pass onto higher education must complete this process  
This is our first promotion and we were honoured to have a Meduca representative present to mark the occasion and the Band of San Ignacio de Loyola attended and played a rousing version of the Panamanian national anthem to all attendees.
Graduación de Meduca Year 10
El King's College Panamá se enorgullece de ver a nuestros estudiantes de Year 10 / 9no Grado alcanzar el "certificado de educación básica" panameño. Este certificado confirma el cierre de un ciclo y todos los estudiantes que pasan a la educación superior deben completar este proceso.
Esta es nuestra primera promoción y nos sentimos honrados de contar con un representante de Meduca para marcar la ocasión y la Banda de San Ignacio de Loyola asistió y tocó una versión emocionante del himno nacional panameño para todos los asistentes.

EYFS are Under the Sea!

  For the youngest children in the school, this month has all been about the sea. From pirates to jellyfish, rock pools to tiger sharks. The children have been learning and exploring and it has been a delight to see. Reception classes have been obsessed with Sharks and Nursery are all Pirates hunting for treasure. The Reception students are ending their topic with a visit to the Smithsonian to see marine wildlife. It is hard to believe that this is the first year in school for a lot of these children. Well done to our little ones!!!
EYFS  - Bajo el Mar
Para nuestros estudiantes más pequeños, sus estudios este mes ha sido todo sobre el mar. De piratas a medusas, piscinas de roca a tiburones tigre. Los niños han estado aprendiendo y explorando y ha sido una delicia verlos. Reception ha estado obsesionado con los tiburones y Nursery son todo sobre los piratas y la caza de tesoro. Reception está terminando su tema con una visita al Smithsonian para ver la fauna marina. Es difícil creer que este es el primer año en el colegio para muchos de estos niños. ¡Felicidades a nuestros pequeños por haber trabajado tan bien!!!

Music at KCP

At KCP we strive to shape lifelong learners, both academically and artistically.  This month we showcased the fantastic music learning that is taking place with our students. 
The piano concert at the University of Panama was an amazing event where 25 students aged from 3 to 12 years old came together to offer an incredible concert for parents and staff.  Well done to all our students and to Anita Pedrosova, our amazing and kind piano teacher!
This week our guitar players also held a recital for parents to see the progress made during the year and the musical talent present in KCP.  Congratulations to our guitar players and many thanks to Daniel Pons for the music and guitar lessons during this academic year.
Música en KCP
En KCP nos esforzamos por formar aprendices de larga vida, tanto académica como artísticamente. Este mes presentamos el fantástico aprendizaje musical que está teniendo lugar con nuestros estudiantes.
El concierto de piano en la Universidad de Panamá fue un evento asombroso en el que 25 estudiantes de edades comprendidas entre los 3 y los 12 años se reunieron para ofrecer un increíble concierto para padres y personal. ¡Bien hecho a todos nuestros estudiantes y a Anita Pedrosova, nuestra increíble y amable maestra de piano!
Esta semana nuestros guitarristas también realizaron un recital para que los padres pudieran ver el progreso realizado durante el año y el talento musical presente en KCP. Felicidades a nuestros guitarristas y muchas gracias a Daniel Pons por las clases de música y guitarra durante este año académico.

Key Stage 1 Parent Assemblies

Both Year 1 and Year 2 have wowed parents this month with their amazing assemblies. In the Year 1 show, we were taken on a lion hunt, flash mobbed with Uptown Funk and told we are all stars! It was incredible to see the confidence and pride of the children reading their best things in Year 1.  It was a fantastic presentation of an amazing Year.
Year 2 treated us to a trip around the world. We were intimidated with an amazing Haka from New Zealand Warriors, dazzled by the Chinese dragon, and took part in an audience quiz with self-portraits inspired by Mexican artists. Year 2 finished with an on the spot journalistic report of the Fire of London. Receiving their certificates for the completion of Key Stage 1 was a real celebration of what has been achieved and completes their transition from Infants to Juniors.
Well done Key Stage 1. It has been an incredible Year!
Asambleas para padres en Key Stage 1
Tanto Year 1 y Year 2 han cautivado a los padres este mes con sus increíbles asambleas. En el show de Year 1, nos llevaron a una caza de leones, un baile de Uptown Funk y nos dijeron que todos somos estrellas! Fue increíble ver la confianza y el orgullo de los niños leyendo lo que más les han gustado durante su tiempo en Year 1. Fue una presentación fantástica de un año increíble.
Year 2 nos llevó a un viaje alrededor del mundo. Nos impresionaron con un increíble Haka de los guerreros de Nueva Zelanda, deslumbrado por el dragón chino, y participamos en un concurso de audiencias con autorretratos inspirados en artistas mexicanos.  Los estudiantes de Year 2 terminaron la tarde con un reportaje periodístico sobre el Fuego de Londres. Hubo una entrega formal de certificados por la finalización de Key Stage 1 fue una celebración real de lo que se ha logrado y la transición de Infants a Juniors.
Muy bien hecho Key Stage 1 - Ha sido un año increíble!

Year 4 Trip to Smithsonian at Punta Culebra

To close their study on the habitats topic, Year 4 visited the Smithsonian Nature Centre in Punta Culebra. During their trip they saw sloths, iguanas, turtles and an entire exhibit on frogs. Students walked around with their scientific notes booklet as they learned about animals native to Panama and from other habitats around the world. Students used these booklets to draw sketches of the different species of animals they found and include any notes that they learned from their knowledgeable guide.
In the turtle tanks, they observed two types of sea turtles (green sea turtle and hawksbill sea turtle) and practiced identifying the differences in their shells and nose structure. A fascinating exhibit was the oceans exhibit; which was filled with coral, plants and fish from different oceans surrounding Panama and around the world. They had a deep discussion on the differences between the sea life in the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans, the two seas that touch Panama. These differences included the salinity, waves, tides and the colours of the fish. Lastly, they visited the Frogs Exhibit which was about the endangered frogs of Central America due to the disease affecting their skin. Students rode home eager to share all they had seen with their families.   
Year 4 Visita el Smithsonian Nature Center en Punta Culebra
Para cerrar su estudio sobre hábitats los estudiantes de Year 4 tuvieron la oportunidad de visitar el Smithsonian Nature Center en Punta Culebra. Durante el dia vieron osos perezosos, iguanas, tortugas y una exposición completa sobre las ranas. Los estudiantes caminaron con su folleto de notas científicas mientras aprendían sobre animales nativos de Panamá y de otros hábitats alrededor del mundo.
Los estudiantes usaron estos folletos para dibujar bocetos de las diferentes especies de animales que encontraron e incluir las notas que aprendieron de su guía bien informada.
En los tanques de tortugas, observaron dos tipos de tortugas marinas (tortuga marina verde y tortuga carey) y practicaron la identificación de las diferencias en sus conchas y estructura de la nariz. Una exposición fascinante fue la exposición de los océanos; Que estaba llena de coral, plantas y peces de diferentes océanos alrededor de Panamá y alrededor del mundo. Participaron en una profunda discusión sobre las diferencias entre la vida marina en los océanos Pacífico y Caribe, los dos mares que tocan Panamá. Estas diferencias incluían la salinidad, las olas, las mareas y los colores de los peces. Por último, visitaron la exposición de las ranas, que se trataba de las ranas en peligro de extinción de América Central debido a la enfermedad que afecta su piel. Los estudiantes viajaron a casa ansiosos por compartir todo lo que habían visto con sus familias.

Senior Achievement Breakfast

It was lovely to have a breakfast with our Seninor students to celebrate outstanding report cards. Not only have these students achieved good results, more importantly it has been the progress made throughout the year. As Headteacher it is lovely to spend time with these amazing students and talk about their studies and their lives. Chocolate croissants are always a good way to start the day and to share this with these inspirational learners is a real bonus! Well done to all!
Desayuno de Logros
Me ha encantado celebrar un desayuno con nuestros estudiantes de Secundaria quienes han logrado excelentes calificaciones. No sólo estos estudiantes lograron buenos resultados, lo que es más importante ha sido el progreso realizado por ellos a lo largo del año académico. Como directora me encanta pasar tiempo con estos estudiantes asombrosos y hablar sobre sus estudios y sus vidas. ¡Los croissants del chocolate son siempre una buena manera de comenzar el día y compartir esto con estos estudiantes motivados es un verdadero bonus! ¡Bien hecho estudiantes!

Growth Mindset at KCP

At King's College Panama, we believe in the Growth Mindset philosophy, first introduced by the American educationalist, Dr Carol Dweck. In September of last year, we explained to all of our students, how we all can develop a growth mindset to help us learn, to make progress and that mistakes were something we could learn from, rather than be afraid of. Our staff and students have taken this on board and now when they feel they cannot do something, they quickly add the word '"yet."  In May we felt it was time to get our parents understanding the 'power of yet', what it means to have a growth mindset and how intelligence is not fixed but malleable.  We asked parents to consider how they praise their children and how important it is to praise their efforts and hard work, not how clever they are.  The Parent meeting was a huge success and the students who talked really wowed their audience, confirming the importance of having a more positive mindset to support our children develop.
Finally to further, develop the Growth Mindset philosophy in Panama, our Saturday sessions with the Panamanian Meduca teachers focused them on this, leading to some great discussion and teachers leaving the day, feeling empowered and able to try things they previously thought too difficult, whether on a personal or professional level. The Power of Yet!

Mentalidad de crecimiento en KCP
En el King's College de Panamá, creemos en la filosofía de “Growth Mindset”, presentada por primera vez por la educadora estadounidense, la Dra. Carol Dweck. En septiembre explicamos a todos nuestros estudiantes cómo todos podemos desarrollar una mentalidad de crecimiento para ayudarnos a aprender, a progresar y que los errores son algo de lo que podríamos aprender, en lugar de tener miedo a ello. Nuestro personal y los estudiantes han aceptado esta mentalidad y ahora cuando sienten que no pueden hacer algo, rápidamente añaden la palabra "todavia". En mayo sentimos que era hora de que los padres entendieran el "poder de todavia", lo que significa tener una mentalidad de crecimiento y cómo la inteligencia no es fija sino maleable. Les pedimos a los padres que consideraran cómo alaban a sus hijos en casas y lo importante que es alabar sus esfuerzos y su arduo trabajo, no cuán inteligentes son. La reunión de padres fue un gran éxito y los estudiantes que hablaron realmente impresionaron a su audiencia, confirmando la importancia de tener una mentalidad más positiva para apoyar a nuestros hijos a desarrollarse.
Finalmente, para desarrollar la filosofía Growth Mindset en Panamá, nuestras sesiones del sábado con los profesores panameños de Meduca se enfocaron en esto, llevando a cabo una gran discusión y los maestros terminaron el día, sintiéndose empoderados y capaces de probar cosas que ellos consideraban demasiado difíciles, tanto a nivel personal o profesional. ¡El Poder de Todavia!

Taekwondo Champions

Once again our Taekwondo team took part in the Latin American competition in Boquete in the David region in Panama. Following a 6 hour drive from Panama City our young team stood in the arena next to over 200 competitors from Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.  Taekwondo is a sport we have really grown in the school and we now have over 30 children training weekly.  In this competition our oldest competitor was 10yrs old and our youngest was 3! We won several heats and received 1 bronze, 5 silvers and a gold! Congratulations to our little champions!
Campeones en Taekwondo
Una vez más nuestro equipo de Taekwondo participó en la competencia internacional en la región de Boquete, David en Panamá. Después de 6 horas en automóvil desde la ciudad de Panamá, nuestro joven equipo estuvo en la arena junto a más de 200 competidores de Panamá, Costa Rica y Guatemala. Taekwondo es un deporte que realmente ha crecido en el colegio y ahora tenemos más de 30 estudiantes entrenando semanalmente. En esta competición nuestro competidor mayor tiene 10 años y el más joven solo tiene 3 años! Ganamos varias rondas y recibimos 1 medalla de bronce, 5 de plata y un oro! ¡Felicitaciones a nuestros pequeños campeones!

Sports Days at KCP

The biggest inter-house events of the year are our Sports Days.  Over two days students from Crown, Lion, Knight and Shield house wear their colours proudly to represent their house and win as many points as possible to win the Inter House Sports Shield.
Infants and Juniors took part in traditional egg and spoon races, beanbag, relay and running races and had a great sporting day in the sun with their Houses.  The first day of sporting events finished with Lion House gaining the most points for the Infants.  Junior Sports Day followed and Lion House again won the most points, with Knight House finishing close behind. 
Day two was the turn of the Seniors and in a very competitive day students gave their all in the cross country, track and field events, the relay and the tug of war.  Crown House stormed ahead to win the most points and take their House to their first Senior victory and make them overall winners of the Inter House Sports Shield for 2017.  Well done to all who took part, demonstrating great sportsmanship, including our Parents who beat our teachers in the tug of war for the second year running.

Días de Deporte en KCP
Uno de los eventos más importantes entre los Houses en KCP son las Jornadas de Deportes. Durante dos días los miembros de las Houses Crown, Lion, Knight y Shield llevan sus colores con orgullo para ganar muchos puntos para que su House gane el escudo deportivo.
Los Infants y Juniors participaron en las tradicionales carreras del huevo y la cuchara, las carreras de relevos y todos disfrutaron de un gran día deportivo al sol con sus compañeros. El primer día de eventos deportivos terminó con Lion House obteniendo el mayor número de puntos para Infants y después, los Juniors compitieron y Lion House volvió a ganar el mayor número de puntos, con Knight House terminando en segundo lugar al final del primer día.
El segundo día fue el turno de los Seniors y en un día muy competitivo los estudiantes dieron todo en el Cross country, las carreras, los relevos y el “tug of war” (el juego de la soga). Crown House adelantó a las otras casas para ganar el mayor número de puntos y ganar su primera victoria tanto en secundaria como en general!. Enhorabuena a todos los estudiantes que participaron con un buen espíritu deportivo, incluyendo a nuestros padres que vencieron a nuestros maestros en el “tug of war” por segundo año consecutivo.

Panama Sailing

In late March, a group of 33 students from Key Stage 3 embarked on an adventure to the Pearl Islands to participate in 4 days of Team Building, Challenges, Watersports and Social Responsibility.
Upon arrival at Saboga island, our students trekked through the forest and into the small village where the local community of fisherman, pearl divers and their families live.  We had the opportunity to join a class of students on the island’s MEDUCA School and spend time engaging in short discussion about what they were learning and life on an island.  After this, our students continued their trek to the campsite to set up tents and basecamp before heading to the Beach Club for a well-earned lunch ahead of an afternoon of sailing, paddle boarding, windsurfing and snorkeling.
For four days and three nights the students of Year 7 and 8, with the support of Year 9 and 10 Sports Ambassadors, engaged in a broad range of challenging water and land based activities that brought them all closer together and formed new friendships.  The final day was spent once more with the local communities, teaching English and supporting students in their reading.  The morning culminated in a giant game of football – KCP vs Saboga FC – an amazing opportunity.
Returning home to Panama City, the ferry slowed for us to observe dolphins and whales playing in the wake – a wonderful end to an unforgettable trip.

Panama Navega
A finales del mes de marzo un grupo de 33 estudiantes de Key Stage 3 emprendieron una aventura a las Islas Perlas para participar en 4 días de retos, deportes acuáticos y Responsabilidad Social.
A su llegada a la isla de Saboga, los estudiantes caminaron por el bosque y entraron en el pequeño pueblo que viven la comunidad local de pescadores, los buceadores de perlas y sus familias. Se les brindó la oportunidad de unirse a una clase de estudiantes en la escuela de MEDUCA de la isla y dedicar tiempo a una breve discusión sobre lo que estaban aprendiendo y la vida en la Isla.
Después del tiempo en la escuela, los estudiantes continuaron su caminata al campamento para establecer la base antes de dirigirse al Club de Playa para un almuerzo bien merecido antes de una tarde de vela, paddle boarding, windsurf y snorkeling.
Durante cuatro días y tres noches, los estudiantes de Year 7 y Year 8 con el apoyo de los Embajadores deportivos de Year 9 y 10, participaron en una amplia gama de desafiantes actividades acuáticas y terrestres que los acercaron y formaron nuevas amistades.  El último día una vez más estuvimos con la comunidad local, enseñándoles inglés y apoyando a los estudiantes en su lectura. La mañana culminó en un juego gigante de fútbol - KCP vs Saboga FC - una oportunidad increíble.
Volviendo a casa a la ciudad de Panamá, el ferry desaceleró para nosotros para que pudimos observar delfines y ballenas jugando en la estela - un maravilloso final a un viaje inolvidable.

Happy and Healthy in Juniors

Every morning we kick started our day with a Wake and Shake dance to wake up our brains and get our bodies moving. Teachers and children all boogying back to their classrooms to start their days filled with endorphins. We continued our English and Maths lessons as normal, but added activities that would make both children and staff happy and healthy.
The main focus of the week was to promote being healthy and positive well-being. Across the Junior School we had a range of activities from golf in Year3 to boot camp in Year 6. We often ended our day with a mindfulness task or a yoga session. Children of every year group thoroughly enjoyed the week, Maia in Year 5 even stated, “I wish it was Happy and Healthy week every week!”
This week has highlighted how important it is for children to do things they love and the importance of being happy and healthy. From all of Juniors, both staff and students, a huge thank you to Mrs. MacLeod and Mr. Bradley for organising such a successful and well planned week. We hope it happens again next year!    

Feliz y Saludable en Juniors
Todas las mañanas comenzamos nuestro día con una danza Wake and Shake para despertar nuestro cerebro y mover nuestros cuerpos. Los maestros y los estudiantes regresan de nuevo a sus aulas para comenzar sus días llenos de endorfinas.
Continuamos con normalidad nuestras clases de inglés y matemáticas pero agregamos actividades que harán felices y saludables a los estudiantes y al personal del colegio. El enfoque principal de la semana fue promover el bienestar saludable y positivo para todos.
Estuvimos participando en una gama de actividades nuevas, desde golf para Year3 hasta un bootcamp de entrenamiento para Year 6.  Terminamos los días con una tarea de atención completa o una sesión de yoga. Todos los estudiantes de KS2 disfrutaron a fondo de esta inicitativa y Mia de Year 5 incluso declaró: "¡Ojalá fuera la semana feliz y saludable cada semana!".
La semana sirvió para destacar lo importante que es para los niños hacer las cosas que aman y la importancia de ser feliz y saludable. De parte de todos los Juniors y el personal de KCP mostramos nuestro agradecimiento a Mrs. MacLeod y Mr. Bradley por organizar una semana tan exitosa y bien planificada. Esperamos que vuelva a suceder el próximo año!

Year 2 – Mexico Day

As part of their topic “Around the World”, the Year 2 students have been studying about China, Mexico and the United Kingdom.  Student have been developing their geography skills finding countries on maps and adding famous landmarks.  They have studied stories from other cultures and have worked with clay to develop their art skills by making…


Parent Mystery Readers

During this term we have launched our mystery reader program in the infant school.  Each week, a different parent from the class surprises the students and brings a favourite book in to read and share.  Some parents have read books from other cultures and in different languages giving the students a great opportunity to experience…