School meals are important as they account for about one-third of a child’s daily nutritional intake. A hot, nutritious meal at lunchtime improves children’s behaviour and concentration in the classroom in the afternoon.

At King’s College lunch is served to all pupils every day. Younger children are given a three course meal supervised by their teachers and their classroom assistants. Older children use a self-service system that offers them more choice. Menus are carefully designed to provide children with a nutritious, healthy, balanced diet. Every month these menus are published on the school website so that parents can plan what the family eat in the evening.

You can download the latest school menu here:

MENU JUNE_18_English


Sample menu A typical school menu for the week:  

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
Paella Beans Bolognaise Pasta Vegetable Soup Soup  
Gammon and peas Ham and cheese omelette and salad Grilled swordfish and vegetables Chicken scallops and baked potatoes Meatballs with vegetables  
Fresh Fruit/ Dairy dessert Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit/ Dairy dessert Fresh Fruit Fresh Fruit/ Dairy dessert